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[MOD POST] New Community [29 Mar 2009|06:32pm]

Dear friends, I, as the maintainer of the community, have to inform you that, due to the recent legal problems, I've decided to stop using LJ as a platform for my community. From now on, all new materials should be posted to the new community I've recently created, as for old entries, you will be able to find them there.

Karma Cycles.. [27 Aug 2008|10:38pm]

[ mood | pensive ]

I did my tarot a couple of days ago and it said I'm going through a karmic cycle right now.. does anyone know how long those last, because, even though I am accepting responsibility for my actions, it still sucks. haha

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July 18th full moon blessing/cleansing [12 Jul 2008|11:22pm]

 I am going to do another full moon cleansing/blessing ritual on the 18th of JULY 2008..  

The last month brought such a great response (over 50 people who wanted some positive light)  that I have decided to continue on with this idea..

If you would like some positive energy sent your way please reply back to this thread via a comment and I assure you I will write your name down and focus my energy that night for you..

You are also, more than welcome to join me in this ritual this night by simultaneously joining in and doing your own ritual at home.. (the invocation can be found on my LJ homepage if you wish to use it)  

We all need positive energy in our lives. =) BELIEVE IN KARMA.

Blessed be friends.
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=) and mote it be!! (about june full moon blessing) [18 Jun 2008|07:56pm]


I really enjoyed this experience with you all!  i feel very empowered and i hope you will have positive energy flowing through you soon!!

for all that wanted to be involved and help out ..thank you! you know who you are.. and like i said, a simultaneous energy flow does not harm anyone but is better for all..

for all that have wanted their name put down for the blessing.. i did not forget you!! i promise you this =) i had written eveyone who wanted to be written down and others also that they wanted positive energy too as well.. it was a FANTASTIC RESPONSE and i applaude everyone for pushing this energy forward to people.. yes.. believe in karma.. =)

i propose we do this ritual MONTHLY =) what do you all suggest??  i'll keep everyone posted (always a month in advance) so that there is time to gather names.. 


Blessings friends..
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how do you get rid of someone elses energy? [07 Jun 2008|05:04pm]

 I'm not sure if I am the only one who experiences this.. maybe because my clairsentient ability is quite high, im not sure..

When I am talking to someone and or consulting with them I can easilty tune in to what they are feeling and react according to it.  

I'm only asking because I had a person who I was reading for yesterday who was very very emotionally upset-
 to the point of being angry and mad at her situation and just couldn't see the clairity that I was trying to offer her..

It was so hard for me to get rid of her energy link after the reading, that had to take a breather -literally- outside, to get in touch with natures natural positive energy and balance myself once again.

So here is the discussion question to which I am posting now.

 Q:   How do you as an empath get rido of the psychic link after the session is complete?
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Techno-claircognizance: A little help? [06 Jun 2008|10:18am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

This is my first post, so hi! I'm a 23 year old, female, married, bisexual, Scorpio, Rat, witch, Kemetic, otherkin, psychic vampire, and general psychic reader, and I need some help.

Lately on forums I've been giving what I refer to as "energy readings" for people over instant message. I've been doing this for a while now, but only recently realized that when I do these readings I literally use the internet to help me get to my goal. I'm not sure how to explain it in words that everyone will be able to understand, so I'll just describe it as accurately as I can.

When I begin, I usually ask someone for a photo or a voice clip, or something I can use to pinpoint them or distinguish them from the rest of the beings currently using the internet. When provided, I basically try to attune my own emotional state to theirs. In order to do that, I send out my thought and my energy, almost like casting a fishing line or astral projecting toward their current location. I follow the internet, the connections of energy are so much easier for me to feel when I have a goal in mind, and I can easily feel my energy touch the other individual's energy. Once we are connected, things that I "see" or "feel" simply pop into my head, and I know that they have meaning. Sometimes I can see them as if they were actually in front of me, sometimes I just say things without knowing what I'm going to say, and sometimes I get a visceral or physical reaction - pain, compression, dizziness, and occasionally emotional responses (though I attempt to shield myself from the emotions of other people). I also do past life regressions, tarot readings, and psychometry in person, but I find that I have difficulty connecting as intimately to someone when I am sitting right next to them.

So what I want to know is...
Am I alone in this? Is it weird? Is there anywhere I can read up on how this is explained? Do you believe that the internet is actually helping me connect to people? How can I become better at it in person?

I know that's a lot to ask, I'm just lately feeling like a freak. I've gotten questions, both about how I do it and about my accuracy, as well as whether or not I'm just blowing smoke about the whole issue. I guess what it comes down to is that I just want to understand my own abilities. Any help would be awesome.

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June 18th 2008 cleansing/ blessing healing last update! [05 Jun 2008|06:51pm]

Hi there,

Just want to write a final general post to anyone else who is interested in having a cleansing/ blessing and healing for them and others they have named.

My first initial posting about this was close to a month ago and I feel blessed by the amount of people whe had replied and asked to have their name written down.  Thank you once again for accepting the positive energy i am sending out into the world and know that I will focus all my naural talents and abilities on your name when the time comes.

If anyone else is interesting for me to send positive energy out your way, please do not hesitate to leave a comment.

What a beautiful night it will be when the ritual is performed! 

Blessed be
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about my guardian angel. [30 May 2008|08:33pm]


I asked to see my Guardian Angel the other night and this is what he looks like:

My Guardian Angel is a male.  

He is strong and powerful with broad sholders.  

He has brown middle length wavy hair and he come down to visit me when I ask for protection surrounded with an aura of bright white light.  

He scoops me up in his arms (I feel the warmth and protection that surrounds him) and we shoot up nito the sky fast-flying.   

He lets me feel free flying around with him and all my worries and doubts pass through my body as they get carried away by the wind.

Once I am calm, he gently me back to our meeting place.

We bow to each other to show respect and part with positive unconditional love until we see each other again.

That is what my Guardian Angel looks like.

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ahhh magick. [25 May 2008|10:19pm]


Today I was thinking about getting myself a crystal ball.

I was in the lounge area looking for a deck of cards to practice my meditation and abilities on when behold! right in front of me was a crystal ball.

And it wasn't a clear crystal ball, but rather has a purple colour haze around it.  Once i started staring into it the colour changed which was great.  I also noticed a vision (my first) within the crystal. (i'm so happy to know that i have a natural ability in seeing clearly as well, fancy that)

Purple is my favourite colour anyway and it so happens to be a fantastic psychic healing colour.  I was very happy with the higher beings - ask and you shall receive. Mote it be!

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my abilities are getting stronger [24 May 2008|06:21pm]


my abilities are getting stronger as i tune in to my soul more deeply than before.  

I see things and feel things and hear things more.

sometimes it might be for a split second other times i sense my guides around.

it is comforting to know that i am being protected and looked after.

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A quick blessing for the moonchild of the night. [20 May 2008|05:14pm]

 May I be guided, by my higher powers, may I be healed and blessed by all.
May I be able to hear the miusic, may I be able to hear the call.

Blessed is the one who follows the rule of the light,
The moon is called upon us all, blessed be the one tonight.
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Review a book by a popular medium [13 May 2008|12:57pm]

Hey Bloggers,
I am working right now to promote a book, Soul Discovery: 9 Principles for Revealing Your Sacred Gifts. Author Joan Marie invites people to “dance with their soul,” and change lives as she awakens her readers to their true life’s purpose and their soul’s sacred gifts. She has an incredible gift for what she calls “ability to feel what is going on in other people’s bodies as well as hear, see and feel those who have passed over.” With this gift, she has brought mental and physical healing to many grateful people.
She is a very popular medium and has been a guest on numerous radio and television shows across the country, like the Whoopi Goldberg Show. Whoopi Goldberg has even endorsed her book, saying “Sometimes, people are just born with "it". They can hear your voice and be able to tell you all about yourself. Joan Marie seems to be able to tap into that thing that makes us all human. I've been around her; I've seen her do her thing”.
If you would like to learn more about heightening and developing your intuition and how Joan Marie utilizes the Law of Attraction, email me at chelseasterling@gmail.com to review the book on your blog. After you review the book, you will receive a free teleseminar with Joan Marie and get an opportunity to get personal advice.

Have a great day!
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Full Moon (June 18th 2008) Spiritual Blessing [13 May 2008|07:24pm]

 Hi All,

I have decided to conduct Spiritual Cleansing and Blessings not only for my benifit but for yours too.  

Sometimes, I need to call on a higher power to guide and protect me in my life and I thought that I might share this exerience with whoever would like to be involved.

I am conducting a Spiritual cleansing and blessing on the night of the Full Moon.  If you would like to me to focus my energy on you during my session please comment back.  
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[11 May 2008|06:29pm]

 Does anybody know any excercises which I could do daily which will strengthen my psychic ability?
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[11 May 2008|10:12am]

 Sometimes it is hard to brush off other peoples energies.  I find i get quite exhausted and tired after a while, and i guess that just means im sensitive in my clairsentient gift.  But to me the best way to clear this is through a form of meditation.

I will sit somewhere comfortable (anywhere that i am drawn to) and just listen.  Sometimes, i close my eyes and let my vision sense take over.

I am most comfortable and relaxed when i let my natural gift come through for me and because of it i have realised that is how i waken my soul to its fullest potential.

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new member to your community [09 May 2008|05:18pm]

Hi All,

I just wanted to say hello to everyone in this community.

Just a little about myself:

For a very long time, I've been quite aware of how "different" i was.  It was only at about high school that i started to accept and embrace my natural abilities of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience.

I noticed more vivid images, words, and feelings related to people around me.  

With the validation from my friends (i had often just told them things and they would come back days or even weeks later saying what i said was correct) i started to nutrure my abilities at my own pace.  I learned cleansing techniques, healing teachinques and reading techniques, all which have fine tuned me to who i am present.

I am not ashamed of my ability, and no one who possess some sort of connection to the spiritual realm should either.  I embrace it and let it guide me to my rightful direction and purpose.  

So that is why I am here! The journey of fine tuning ones ability will never cease especially if it is something that i feel strongly about.  I joined this community so sthat i can better myself and also along the way better other peoples concerns as well.

I have been practicing my ability for about 7 years now and have slowly slowly been able to open up to my friends and family about my abilities.  I guess the reading that i do for them all though out the years have validated it all for me.

If you are interested in a reading please, do not hesitate to contact me for more information: oracle.reading@yahoo.com.au

contact me if you feel that you are drawn to do so- that only means that we are ment to cross paths sometime in this lifetime.

once again,  i am looking forward to hearing you comments and thoughts on topics that have been and will be posted within this community.

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Business name suggestions needed [05 Mar 2008|03:47pm]

I need to think up ideas for the name of my future hypnosis/hypnotherapy practice. I am hoping that some of you might have some good ones. Throw 'em at me.

I want to evoke success, comfort, improvement, change, confidence, performance, mind-expansion, intelligence, forward thinking, honesty, etc, etc, without sounding too far-out or aggressive. I like words such as "perception" and "enhancement," and am a fan of William Blake and Aldous Huxley, and the idea of "The Doors of Perception." Either way, I want to attract both the timid first-timers and the gung-ho hypnoenthusiasts.

I thought about something with "diamond" in the title because it evokes lucidity, such as "Diamond Mind," etc., but that is taken by some stupid baseball video game company. And anyway, Diamond Mind Hypnosis evokes drugs, as "diamonds" is a meth slang term from the 70s, plus, it borders on the corny unless I am just being too judgemental. So that's out.

Any thoughts?
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More Father Issues [12 Aug 2007|05:06pm]

No one posts here anymore T_______T

So, I have more dad problems. Not sure if you all remember, but my father is dead, and since he died, bad shit has happened. A lot of bad shit.

I've already listed a lot of it, but here's the latest...

Not only have more pictures been leaping off the walls, but my cat Rosh died while we (my mom and I) were on vacation, and I came home today to find my mini poodle at the bottom of the pool, dead.

So...yeah. My mom is flipping. We're shipping my dad (creamated in a chef-shaped cookie jar), to his mother in the Bronx. Then we took my mom's sister's advice and walked through the house asking him to leave, while holding a bible and splashing holy water. Well, my mom did that. I turned to my tarot deck.

I hadn't picked up my deck in a long time, so I'd forgotten most meanings...so, I decided to shuffle and pick a random card. Here it is:

(From my Amano deck)
 Click Here to go to Black Lily Cosplay

I read into it. The World is the last card of the Major Arcana...a symbol of new beginnings and spiritual journeys...I think it's a good sign.

Thoughts? Opinions?
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Victoria Regina Tarot [27 Jan 2007|11:37am]


If you use or collect tarot card decks, or if you are simply a fan of late-Victorian-era steel and wood engravings, please check out the Victoria Regina Tarot deck I have up for auction on eBay. Just plug the item number, 290076822769, into the search field on eBay's homepage to view the item.

The deck is out of print, so it's sought-after. People are selling brand new, unopened copies for over $100. In light of this, I'd say my offer is a veritable steal.
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